Wondering about God?


Who is God?


At CBC we believe that God is and that He is a rewarder of all those who diligently seek Him.


We believe that He is eternal (without beginning and without end), infinitely powerful, and all-knowing.  We believe Him to be holy and transcendent - that God is separate from creation complete unto Himself. We know that God is one, God but exists in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


We as humans are unable to know God unless He chooses to show or reveal Himself to us.


We know that one way God shows Himself to all men is through the awesomeness of the created world.  Nature tells every man and woman about the existence of God leaving no one able to say, "I did not know there was a God."


We also believe that God chose to reveal Himself in a very special way to men in the past.  These men, moved by the Holy Spirit, wrote what we call scripture.  The Bible is God's written communication to man, giving man an even deeper knowledge of who God is and what His plan is for them.


The ultimate revelation of God, however, is in His Son Jesus.  He came to earth to be born as a human.  He is the God-Man both fully human and fully God.  He lived the perfect life, qualifying Him to be the sacrifice for our sins.  He died the death each and every one of us deserved, because of our sins, so that everyone who puts their trust in Him alone can have eternal life with Him.


It is our deepest desire that you experience this salvation relationship with God through Jesus.  If you have not, please take the time to contact us so that we may speak with you about it.